SuperGold card concessions

Welcome aboard SuperGold card holders

Show your SuperGold card when you board the bus, and you can travel off-peak for free on most CityLink Whāngārei buses. Available between 9am to 3pm weekdays, and anytime on Saturdays.


What transport concessions will be available to SuperGold Card holders?

SuperGold Card holders can access free travel on scheduled off-peak CityLink Whāngārei bus services only. From 1 July 2023, Community Services cardholders are eligible for the Community Connect concession and half-price public transport. If you are a SuperGold cardholder and are eligible, you can find out more here

What times are ‘off-peak’?

Between 9am and 3pm on week days, and any time on Saturdays. The CityLink Whāngārei bus service does not operate on Sundays or public holidays.

When will I be able to use my SuperGold Card to access free off-peak public transport?

From Saturday 1 November 2008.

Will I need to show any identification to travel for free?

Yes. You will need to show your SuperGold Card to the bus driver when you board. No other identification will be accepted.

Will I be asked to provide any other information?

Yes. The driver may ask how far you are travelling – this is to help us monitor the use of bus services by SuperGold Card holders.

What if the driver doesn’t accept my card?

Drivers have been instructed to accept all valid SuperGold Cards for free travel on eligible services. If you experience any difficulties using your card on eligible services, please contact us on

Is free travel also available for long distance travel?

No. Funding applies only to public bus transport travel within the Whangarei urban area.

Who will administer free off-peak public transport services?

We are responsible for administering the system, with monitoring from NZ Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport.

Will there be any differences in the free services offered from region to region?

Yes. Regions already have different existing public transport services, including the availability of different modes, frequency of services and area coverage. There will also be differences in availability.

Will this mean an increase in the amount of public transport services available?

No. Public transport in New Zealand currently has spare off-peak capacity which will be able to meet increased demand in the off-peak periods.

Does this scheme apply to Total Mobility?

No. The SuperGold Card concessions target scheduled off-peak public transport services only.

What about disabled users of public transport?

While there are some SuperGold Card holders with a disability who are unable to use conventional scheduled public transport, all of our urban bus fleet now have super-low floors which are more accessible.

Do international pensioners receive this concession?

No. This policy is only for New Zealand residents who hold a SuperGold Card.

How much will this initiative cost?

In Budget 2008 Government announced $72 million in funding over the next four years ($18m per year) to provide free off-peak travel for SuperGold Card holders. This funding includes a 100% transport subsidy for card holders, plus administration and set-up costs.

How can I get a SuperGold Card?

The SuperGold Card is available to all New Zealanders aged 65 years and over who are permanently resident in New Zealand. It is automatically issued to those who receive the New Zealand Superannuation or the Veteran’s Pension.

If you have not received your card, or if you have misplaced it, contact the SuperGold Card Centre:

Phone: 0800 25 45 65

Download a copy of an application from

You can also apply for a card at any Work and Income Service Centre.